The easy way to pay.

Rakuten Pay makes payments easy, secure and rewarding. You can pay by simply scanning a QR code, so there’s no cash, no cards and no fuss. It’s as easy as SCAN. PAY. EARN.

• Seamless checkout with one Rakuten ID

• Safe and secure

• You can be rewarded when you pay


Earn rewards
while you spend.

Rakuten Point are our way of saying ‘thanks’.

It’s a loyalty programme that rewards you with points when you spend across the world of Rakuten. The more you spend, the more Rakuten Point you earn – so you can treat yourself to more of what you love.


Doing the right thing.

Rakuten believe we can be a force for good in society. We started our company
25 years ago with sustainability built into our company culture.
Today more than ever, we continue working towards a more sustainable society.